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Creators: Greta Gerwig
99204 Votes
ratings: 8,8 of 10
genre: Romance
Country: USA

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Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of the novel «Little Women» is a colorful collage in motion that throws light onto the raw aspects of relationship dynamics. Its gutsy yet blithe. She dismantles the audience’s apparent perception of various events that happen as the film progresses and helps them reconstruct a fresh perspective of how things could possibly be. And in order to do this, the director resorts to a beautifully executed non-linear narrative that is embellished with fabulous flashback scenes that wonderfully blend together with the scenes that take place in the film’s present timeframe.
A plethora of legends including Meryl Streep have acted in this film but my favorite performances were those by Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh. Saoirse was phenomenally exuberant and her performance plays a massive role in helping cement this film as an exotic romantic coktail. Pugh on the other hand skilfully interplays between being somebody shrouded in disdain to being somebody at the epitome of pragmatism. Her dynamic with Saoirse’s character creates a sort of tautness that beautifully enhances the film’s narrative.
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